About Us

Racers with a passion

With over 40 years experience of the racing and motorsports industry in our team we are excited to be able to provide world class service and top training to new drivers and mechanics, as well as those who feel they have reached the edge of their knowledge base. Our team have visited race tracks all across the globe and along the way have absorb a lot of valuable information. We live and breathe the motorsport arena and you will find us at all events across South Australia as well as all major events in Australia.

The guys here really know their stuff and are more than happy to help. I had them coach my son and the guys were super patient and understanding with him.

The ideal karting environment

With the team at SodiKart South Aus and Pro Karts Race Centre we are trying to bring the fun back into karting. With a team of drivers racing across many categories, data transfer and good fun racing is the order of the day to ensure quick lap times and plenty of trophies are won. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get into a SoDi and bring your karting back to life.

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