Repair and maintenance


At Pro Karts Race Centre we are proud to employ staff with a

racing or mechanical background and are happy to make these

staff available for servicing your kart. There is no job that is too

big or too small for our team, from changing tyres to a

complete strip down and rebuild of your kart or even building

your brand new purchase. We have a service to suit your

needs. Bitumen or Dirt, Race or Social, we are able to help a

wide range of customers. We can also supply engine rebuilding

services through our connection with JK Tuning and Pro Karting

and running in services on our rental track. Check out our

prices below and give us a call to book your kart in to make

sure it is 100% ready the next time you want to hit the track.


With our race preparation
service, you can trust that your
go kart will be finely tuned,
reliable, and race-ready.
Whether you’re a professional
racer or an enthusiast looking to
dominate local competitions,
our expertise and attention to
detail will give you the
competitive edge you need to
achieve success on the track.
$250 + parts
Excludes engine rebuilds

Our go kart maintenance and repair
service is designed to keep your kart
running smoothly and ensure optimal
performance on the track. We offer a
comprehensive range of services to
address all your maintenance and
repair needs.
Free Quote + $85/hr + parts

With our go kart engine rebuild
service, you can expect a revitalized
engine that delivers enhanced power,
improved acceleration, and reliable
performance. Whether you’re a
professional racer or a passionate go
kart enthusiast, our engine rebuild
service will help you unleash the full
potential of your kart and enjoy an
exhilarating racing experience. We
partner with JK Tuning and Pro-Karting
for this service.

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